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Transform your perspective on exercise and embrace a healthier active lifestyle.


Revitalize your daily exercise challenges with a personalized fitness plan that supports your individual fitness journey.


Regain your health and zest for life, with the Restart! app guiding you towards an active and fulfilling future.

Rediscover the thrill

of an active life

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The Sedentary Struggle:
Today's lifestyle has us doing 30 minutes less physical activity daily than 200 years ago. The repercussions? Decreased healthspan.

Unserved, Untapped:
Despite the multitude of exercise platforms, none are tailored to the unique needs of inactive adults in their prime. The first few steps seem further away.

The COVID Consequence:
The pandemic worsened an already pressing issue of sedentary behavior. Working from home, lockdowns, and retiring in isolation are building a path towards poor physical and mental health outcomes.

The Unrealized Potential:
Later-life physical activity can extend lifetimes. Without the right tools and support, we might be missing out on renewed health benefits.

Don't let inactivity

dictate your life

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Unlock Your Active Spirit

Revitalize your day-to-day with Reclaim Lifestyles and break through the bounds of physical inactivity. Recapture a vibrant, fulfilling lifestyle once more.

Resist the Sedentary Trap

Don't let the pandemic's legacy be a sedentary lifestyle. Charge up your routine with our personalized daily exercises, designed to get you moving and keep you inspired based on your individual goals. 

Champion Timeless Vigor

Experience the benefits of activity in your prime senior years. Amplify your health, extend your vitality, and embrace a lifestyle of energy with our personalized exercise building blocks.

Stethoscope1. Team up With Your Doctor

Start your journey on a solid foundation. Collaborate with your doctor and use Restart! to define your goals and potential challenges. Let's work together to establish a safe and effective plan tailored to your specific needs.

Apple2. Little Changes, Big Impact

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is a healthier you. With your personalized plan, Restart! makes manageable changes to your daily routine. Whether it's a brisk walk or a strength session, these small steps add up to a significant impact over time.

Cycle3. Begin Restarting Your Health

As you adapt to your new routines and begin seeing results, you're not just reclaiming your physical vitality – you're reclaiming control, confidence, and joy in your life. With the Restart! app, your golden years shine even brighter. Embrace your second wind today!

Rediscover the thrill

of an active life

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Reclaim Lifestyles empowers adults, particularly those in their prime years, to regain control over their physical health and live an active lifestyle. Embracing our unique fitness approach is easy because it's tailored to your individual capabilities, offering a personalized fitness experience that starts with what you can do and adjusts daily to progress you toward an improved quality of life, both physically and mentally.

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The Benefits of

Revitalized Living

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Quick Wins

Restart! helps you stay motivated and encouraged by what you can do with daily exercise plans based on your capabilities and not an assumptive starting place like other apps.


Personalized Training

Restart! provides you with a dynamic daily plan to exercise – it’s your virtual personal trainer.


Daily Check-In

Our algorithm can adjust planned exercise to an alternate track at the click of a button with our daily feedback – need an extra set or two? We've got you covered.

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Smart Feedback Loop

Based on customer feedback and automated exercise  tracking, Restart! automatically adjusts your daily plan so you can get the most out of every exercise session.


Active Living

The Restart! app promotes an active lifestyle by encouraging daily physical activities, helping our customers maintain their strength, balance, and flexibility.


Improved Healthspan

Restart! has the essential building blocks to claim or reclaim your active life and get on the path to healthier living.