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Redefining Aging

With Passion and Purpose

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We see a future where age is a springboard, not a hurdle. At Reclaim Lifestyles, we are fueled by the unwavering passion of our founders who are committed to reigniting the spark of physical activity among seniors. Our vision is for every individual to age healthily and gracefully, maintaining physical vitality, mental sharpness, and emotional connectivity.

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More than Just an App

Our mission expands beyond conventional software development. Driven by a deep desire to enrich the lives of the aging population, our work is a blend of creativity, research, and technology, built upon a foundation of heartfelt empathy. We're committed to fostering significant and lasting improvements in the physical and mental health of our users through meaningful activities and engaging programs.

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Embracing Research, Creating Impact

We firmly believe in the power of scientific insights. That's why our team consistently utilizes research to guide our software development, crafting solutions that are not just effective, but also backed by robust scientific findings.

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Inclusion Through Innovation

In the realm of Reclaim Lifestyles, we aim to build bridges, not barriers. We've embraced the mission of digital inclusion, creating software solutions that are accessible, intuitive, and user-friendly, even for those with little or no tech experience. We believe everyone should have access to the advantages that technology can offer.

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Empowerment and Confidence

We take pride in our dedication to empowering the less active 55+ community. Our tools are crafted with the intention of encouraging self-sufficiency, nurturing an active lifestyle, and boosting confidence among seniors.

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Leveraging Technology for Health

Our focus remains steadfast on harnessing the power of technology to enhance daily life and improve health. Our user-friendly, intuitive software is designed to be integrated seamlessly into the life of older adults, tailor-made to meet their specific needs and abilities.

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Promoting Holistic Healthspan

At Reclaim Lifestyles, we understand that physical health and mental well-being are interlinked. Our mission encompasses the use of technology to provide engaging activities that not only boost physical health but also enhance mental acuity and alleviate feelings of isolation.

Meet the Pioneers

of Reclaim Lifestyles

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Jeff White
Jeff White, Founder

A competitive triathlete, mountain bike racer and trail runner with a penchant for relentless forward-driven performance, Jeff White shifted his focus towards the intersection of performance and aging at 60. His extensive athletic experiences, and a career spanning 34 years in financial services equipped him with the executive proficiency and business insights required to construct Reclaim Lifestyles from scratch. Together with Tom, he ignited the company with an ambition to harness AI and machine learning to promote demographic-specific and health-based training.

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Tom Pecht
Tom Pecht, Co-Founder

A vigorous triathlete for over 30 years, has devoted his energy to enhancing human performance throughout the aging process. At age 67 his competitive spirit remains unquenched as he actively participates in Ironman events at 140.6 and 70.3 distances. His rich background, boasting 34+ years in publishing and investment banking, complements his profound knowledge of exercise. These attributes, combined with his prowess in building startups, make Tom an invaluable asset to Reclaim Lifestyles.

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Ben Dreyer
Ben, Exercise Development Lead

Co-owner of Studio Melt, a celebrated health & fitness hub in Madison, WI, Ben Dreyer is our expert in crafting specialized health programs. With a 15-year track record, he designs tailored solutions for diverse demographics, focusing on individuals with chronic pain, muscle imbalances, and those recovering from hip, knee, or spine surgeries.

As a track athlete, Ben is a distinguished two-time NCAA National Champion and 10-time All-American. His professional stint with the U.S. Olympic Committee and Holyfield International Track Club, as well as his residence at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA, have enriched his global competitive perspective.

His collaboration with a broad range of professionals, such as physiologists, biomechanists, trainers, physical therapists, sports psychologists, and nutritionists, set the groundwork for his fruitful career.

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Nick & Sabrina, Application Development

Nick and Sabrina are the dynamic duo that have steered the development of Restart! for the past two years.

Nick, a co-founder of RokkinCat, is passionate about assisting founders in realizing their product ideas. His expertise spans Javascript, Ruby, Python, PostgreSQL, SQL, and Software Design. His influence extends beyond the technical realm, cultivating a culture that encourages tech graduates to remain in Wisconsin. Nick has been a key contributor to the evolution of Reclaim Lifestyles – he’s been with Jeff since day 1!

Sabrina, the mastermind behind Restart!’s design, exhibits an unmatched dedication to creating an exceptional user experience. Her versatility in building web and mobile apps using Ionic, React, Angular, Typescript, Java, C#, and PostgreSQL, coupled with her experience working with both startups and corporations, underpins her indispensable role at Reclaim Lifestyles. She holds a B.S. in Software Engineering from the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

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Tabitha, Product Experience Design

Tabitha is our expert on user journey mapping and UX.  She ensures end to end that Restart! user’s expectations are met.  She leads Mastercard’s C&I product experience design function and drives consistency in how products are conceptualized, developed, and released. Tabitha has B.S. of Science from the University of Waterloo.